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Critters - 2024 Discovery Set

Critters - 2024 Discovery Set

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A discovery sample set of our 8 new Critters scents for 2024:

~ Golden Retriever ~
A warm, affectionate blend for mood management and gentle grounding.
Sunflower, amber resin, budding dogwood, fenugreek, and fresh-baked bread.
Wear to release tension and find ease.

~ Red Admiral Butterfly ~
A piquant aroma to keep you alert to signs from the Universe.
Blood orange, nasturtium flower, coriander, subtle blackwood, wild strawberry, and fresh garden basil.
Wear to connect with Guidance and clearly receive its messages.

~ Black Swan ~
An enigmatic air, sui generis and darkly elegant
Smooth tobacco, wild violet, humid black orchid, Peru balsam, clove bud, and a touch of star anise.
Wear to honor your unique self and embrace your eccentricities.

~ Red Wolf ~
A sultry sibling of our dearly departed Grey Wolf.
Skin-warmed suede, sweet cedar resin, saffron, red santal, and glowing ginger.
Wear to inspire passionate ardor and carnal delights.

~ Ladybug ~
A lucky little number to steer you toward good fortune.
Tomato leaf, fresh ginger root, Pink Lady apple, and oak sap dotted with mulberry.
Wear to align yourself with the most benevolent happenstance.

~ Harlequin Rabbit ~
A sassy spin on our beloved Little Brown Rabbit.
Nutmeg and tonka bean nuzzle up against toasted marshmallow, auburn cashmere, white pepper, black tea, and a trace of carrot seed.
Wear to elevate confidence and spark a bit of moxie.

~ Black Sheep ~
A fluffy scent for comfort and connection.
Clean lamb's wool accord, myrrh resin, black seed, ambrette, and barely a whisper of oudh.
Wear for support in finding your people and a true sense of belonging.

~ Capybara ~
A fresh, living redolence to shake off shyness and dissolve social anxiety.
Crisp aquatic greens, allspice, feijoa, acai blossom, ylang, and yuzu.
Wear to inspire friendliness and support a sense of calm.

Set of 1 ml sample vials

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