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One of a kind

The lush coolness of the verdant wilds, sending tendrils through the treetops, hung with fragrant blooms. An egret in the stream steps deftly on the rocks, piercing the current that carries the sun's reflection.

Fluorite, in translucent shades of green, is an excellent conduit for cerebral energy. It organizes data and assists in drawing accurate conclusions while maintaining objectivity. Psychic and intuitive impressions are brought into crystal clear expression under its influence. Moss agate facilitates connection between the mind and body, translating sensation into useful information. It's a stone of wealth and healing, bringing fulfillment to physical and material needs, as well as emotional satisfaction.

Sylvan is handcrafted and charged as Venus enters the cerebral realm of Virgo. Here, she conjures beauty and accord from diligence and well-honed talents in action. She shows us the pleasure that hides in pragmatism, and the elegance of efficiency.

Wear this talisman to bless new endeavors in health and self-care. It eases the process of breaking bad habits and building good ones. It has a knack for making the things that are good for you actually feel good.

Sterling Silver bracelet, adjustable from 7" to 8"

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