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Series of 2

Augers and soothsayers, mages and mystics, the wise few who stand upon the fringes of the world, healing the hopeless and leading the lost. These are the gifted ones who defy logic and reshape reality.

Amethyst illuminates the wisdom of the Higher Self. It sends healing energy directly where it’s needed and instills a deep, lasting sense of peace. Turquoise is an excellent attunement stone, bringing physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual vibrations into harmony. It offers tremendous support to healers, practitioners of magic, and psychic counselors. Aquamarine brings pure energy to the throat chakra, supporting strong psychic transmission and clear articulation.

Visionary is handcrafted and charged as the Scorpio moon sextiles Jupiter in Virgo. They bring practical knowledge into synergy with intuition, channeling ancestral wisdom and Highest Guidance.

This talisman is created to support healers, shamanic practitioners, diviners, and guides. It facilitates the clear and direct flow of Universal energy while protecting and nurturing you: its sacred channel.

Sterling Silver bracelet, adjustable from 7" to 8"

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