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One of a kind

The deep, moving connection between an artist and her craft, the gentle rhythm that dissolves time and evokes joy from the core of one's being as the work emerges. Those effortless hours passed in fearless expression, of communion with the Muse, where a steady stream of inspiration feeds the spirit to overflowing.

Aquamarine emits an energy of pure, unconditional love. It improves communication in all respects, inspiring clarity, honesty, and eloquence. It infuses the very air with loving kindness to encourage a sense of safety in authentic self-expression. Lapis Lazuli raises the vibration of its bearer and breaks down creative blocks. It is an empowering stone, instilling a sense of competence and faith in one's own abilities. Grey Botswana agate spurs exploration and fosters courage. It strongly supports creativity and releases its bearer from the impediment of self-doubt.

Flow is handcrafted and charged under the conjunction of exalted Venus and Neptune in Pisces. Their union opens a channel for limitless inspiration, allowing us to fully receive its generous and unobstructed effusion.

Wear this talisman to dispel performance anxiety and find your optimal creative rhythm. It is particularly helpful when you're engaged in a task that feels new or unfamiliar. It guides you through playful stages of experimentation and into fully-engaged, productive momentum.

6.75" Sterling silver bracelet

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