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One of a kind

The maelstrom of thought that inundates the mind can be a source either of immeasurable power or crippling confusion. The deliberate placement of attention, and the sustaining of that attention, is the single greatest strength we can develop in mastering consciousness.

Fluorite, in translucent shades of violet and green, is an excellent conduit for cerebral energy. It organizes data and assists in drawing accurate conclusions while maintaining objectivity. Psychic and intuitive impressions are brought into crystal clear expression under its influence.

Focus is handcrafted and charged under the auspices of the Libra moon trine to Mercury in Aquarius. This celestial connection fosters lucidity, understanding and impartiality to support rational thought in harmony with emotion.

Wear this talisman during important intellectual challenges to optimize memory and problem-solving skills. It is particularly helpful during periods of stress or anxiety, lifting the mental powers above the din of the passions.

6.5" Sterling silver bracelet

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