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one of a kind

Extolled by Ovid as the Goddess of a Thousand Works, Minerva reigns over wisdom, diplomacy, craftsmanship, and justice. Though her might is equal to that of the masculine deities of war and conquest, she wields a more formidable weapon: the intelligence to forge alliances, dissolve enmity, and cultivate lasting peace.

Smokey quartz absorbs stale, stagnant energy and transmutes it into vitality. It brings darkness and light into synergy, harmonizing opposite forces and imparting resilience. Pearl is protective and nurturing. It provides reassurance and frees one to act fearlessly according to ones own true will. Black jasper grounds and stabilizes the emotions. It anchors the power of intuition and ingenuity so that they may be utilized together to optimum effect.

Minerva is handcrafted and charged as Venus in Sagittarius trines Uranus in Aries. Their mutually supportive connection elevates innovation above aggression, revealing new strategies for achieving one's goals. They empower the mind to see beyond conventional wisdom and to imagine greater possibilities.

Wear this talisman to invoke divine inspiration and sage discernment. It enhances your natural leadership skills, personal competence, and business acumen. It is of tremendous assistance in legal matters and contract negotiations.

19" gold-filled necklace

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