Tryst Mini Candle – Nui Cobalt Designs
Tryst Mini Candle - Nui Cobalt Designs

Tryst Mini Candle

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This ardent candle invokes tender feelings and stokes the fires of sexual attraction. Desire is amplified under its influence, heating things up for new flirtations and restoring the passion in long-term loves. It also imparts feelings of boldness, beauty, and appreciation for one's own physical body.

Our Tryst Enchanted Candle is handcrafted and charged as Venus enters Sagittarius, where the Celestial Lady is adorned in the effervescent spirit of adventure and the titillation of endless possibility.

This is the 2" mini version of our Tryst enchanted candle. As with all handmade natural beeswax candles, they may have slight variations in size.

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