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Fairy of the Golden Vine

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Series of 2

The fifth fairy bestowed the gift of courage upon the young princess, that she would carry herself always with fortitude and vitality.

Heliodor instills confidence and poise as it re-integrates disparate layers of consciousness. It dispels ambivalence and self-doubt to make way for flawless demonstration of personal competence. Hessonite garnet dissolves fear of success and instills a sense of self-worth. It allows you to see that you are deserving of all of life's sweetness.

Fairy of the Golden Vine is handcrafted and charged upon the sun's entry into its domicile of Leo. Here, Sol illuminates the core of identity from which emerges our purest, most authentic forms of expression.

Wear this talisman to elevate confidence and self-esteem. It cultivates creativity and good humor. It deflects discouragement and dissolves anxiety to allow your truest self to shine through.

18" Gold-filled necklace

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