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Lightning Bug

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These crepuscular critters flash about on sultry nights like living sparks from some otherworldly fire. Whether their bioluminescence is a means of navigation, communication, or predation, it never fails to inspire wonder.

Rosemary is an herb of purification and protection. Among its many folk names is Dew of the Sea, as it adorns the sunlit hillsides of the sparkling Mediterranean. It is held in the highest regard as an elixir for the mind, boosting memory and comprehension. A fragment of the wing of a Blue Morpho butterfly brings speed, resourcefulness, and the power to adapt to changing conditions.

Lightning Bug is handcrafted and charged as fleet-footed Mercury comes home to Gemini, where his blessings of wit and wizardry are multiplied threefold.

Wear this talisman to light your way through any problem, puzzle, or predicament. It invokes the help and guidance of the Wing'ed Messenger to see you through to the optimal solution.

Silver plated pendant on 18" or 16" silver plated chain

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