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Mami Wata's Bracelet

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In effortless grace she dances with the Serpent, adorning herself in moonlight. The Mother of Water nurtures in one breath and destroys in the next, the mistress of her own power. She is a skilled healer, a fierce protector, a seductress, and a saint. Those who invoke her with only the highest respect are blessed with peace and prosperity.

Amazonite is cooling, soothing, and imparts a sense of tranquility. It dispels social anxiety and helps you to feel receptive and at ease with people. Hemimorphite confers calm self-assuredness and faith in one's own abilities. It frees its bearer from worry, especially regarding the judgment of others. Prehnite evokes feelings of tranquility and peace, reminding its bearer that all is truly well. It brings balance and stability to relationships, ensuring that they are respectful and mutually beneficial.

Wami Wata's Bracelet is handcrafted and charged as the sun enters Cancer to herald the Solstice. It's a time for nurturing the Inner Child, honoring the intuitive voice, and sending our roots deeper into the foundations that sustain us.

Wear this talisman to banish anxiety, release insecurity, and allow good fortune to flow to you in abundance. It confers a potent sense of self-confidence and peace of mind.

Sterling silver bracelet, adjustable from 8" to 9"

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