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The Snow Queen Earrings

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A regal woman emerged from the moonlit forest. Her gown was silken snow, icicles adorned her brow, and the evergreens parted as she passed. The Snow Queen greeted Clara and her Prince as heroes of the realm. She commanded the air itself to dance in their honor and a thousand glittering snowflakes whirled upon the wind. With a sweep of her wand, there appeared a magnificent sleigh drawn by pure white reindeer. It lifted them up into the starlit sky, soared above the trees, and carried them away to the Kingdom of Sweets.

Aquamarine sustains the energy flow between the heart and throat chakras. It shields against emotional discord while maintaining openness and optimism. It emits the energy of pure, unconditional love, improving communication, and inspiring eloquence. It ensures that each participant is heard, acknowledged and respected. Clear quartz is a powerful ally in self-actualization and the achievement of harmony within one's own being. It facilitates attunement, amplifies clairvoyant talents, and removes obstacles to insight.

The Snow Queen is handcrafted from stones charged as Venus concludes her flight through Sagittarius and takes her place in the hallowed halls of Capricorn. Here, the Celestial Lady dons an authoritative mantle and imbues us with a grounded sense of autonomy.

Wear these talismans when you need to take back your power and remember your sovereignty. It supports the development of self-assurance, confidence, and deeply-rooted calm. It is especially helpful in times of anxiety and self-doubt, as it highlights your strengths and helps you take pride in your accomplishments.

Sterling Silver french wire earrings

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