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The Stroke of Midnight Earrings

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When all the guests had gone and the family was asleep, Clara crept to the parlor to find her injured Nutcracker still nestled beneath the tree. She wrapped his jaw in her sash and cradled him to sleep. The grandfather clock began to strike, and in the gathering gloom the shadows seemed to come loose from the walls and scuttle about on their own. It's only a trick of the light, she thought, but still she held her Nutcracker closer. At the stroke of midnight, she could swear that the carved owl atop the clock's face was not an owl at all, but her cloak'ed godfather, the wizard Drosselmeyer!

Tanzanite stimulates visions and facilitates manifestation. It aligns and empowers the throat, third eye, and crown chakras to allow a smooth, steady flow of psychic energy. Black pearl is protective and healing, as well as deeply resonant with innate magickal power. It holds sacred space and amplifies the effect of all spellcraft therein.

The Stroke of Midnight is handcrafted with stones charged under the Exalted Full Moon in Taurus. Here, the queen of the night sky is at her height of power, expanding psychic perception and sharpening instincts. It is an optimal moment to harness celestial energy for all manner of magickal practice.

Wear these talismans to walk between the worlds, see deeply into mystery, and draw out its sacred wisdom. It is of excellent support in advancing any practice of divination, manifestation, or healing.

Sterling Silver french wire earrings

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