Solstice – Nui Cobalt Designs
Solstice - Nui Cobalt Designs


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This talismanic ornament carries the energy of compassion, generosity and gratitude. It is gently protective and attracts good-natured company.

Cedar is a conduit of peace and well-being. It is used in spellcraft for both love and prosperity. White rose petals resonate with tender sweetness and joyful innocence.

Solstice is handcrafted and charged under Mercury in Sagittarius trine to Uranus in Aries. Their celestial energies mingle with effervescent cheer and wonderful surprises.

Hang this talisman in the home to lift your spirits and remind you that all is truly well. It is helpful in calling forth Guides and Guardians to ensure safety and well-being for all who dwell within, especially children and animals.

Glass ornament, approx. 3" diameter.

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