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One of a kind

This talisman is an homage to the Egyptian goddess who personified the sacred Nile river. Known as "The Embracer," she flooded the fields faithfully each year to restore their fertility and sustain the lives of her beloved people.

Lapis lazuli expands the mind to cultivate wisdom and nurture understanding. It strengthens intelligence and allows one to assimilate vast stores of knowledge. Blue chalcedony is soothing and supportive of the throat chakra, allowing truth to come easily into consciousness as well as into speech. It increases the flow of intuition to align with logic. Blue kyanite is one of the few healing stones that never needs cleansing, as it moves energy swiftly and smoothly to maintain its own energy as well as that of other stones. It facilitates meditation, concentration, and insight.

Anuket is handcrafted and charged as the Cancer moon sextiles Jupiter in Virgo, merging gentle guidance with formidable wisdom.

Wear this talisman to restore clarity, vitality, and motivation. It alleviates mental fatigue and clears confusion. It is particularly supportive during important intellectual endeavors.

Sterling Silver Necklace, adjustable from 18.5" to 19.5"

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