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Gingerbread Sanctuary

Gingerbread Sanctuary

  • 1995

The concept for this year’s gingerbread house comes from a lovely friend and member of our Nui Cobalt Facebook Group. In her own words, “'s the sweetest confectionery structure, with a Black Lives Matter sign in the yard. It's a building where immigrants are safe regardless of their paperwork, and yes there's candy on the roof. The little gingerbread people inside really believe in justice and goodness, and they invite their friends of all colors, abilities, genders, ethnicities and religions to celebrate with them each year. And it's a riotous good time but also unbelievably cozy with the deepest, truest sweetness. I think we need it this year. The spirit of loving kindness.”
Warm, soft gingerbread baked with Tupelo honey and toasted almonds, a pinch of precious saffron, draped in lavender-lemon icing.

*contains cinnamon; please avoid if sensitive

Available in 5 ml bottle or 1 ml sample vial. Phthalate-free

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