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Readers and Healers whom I wholeheartedly endorse ...


Nick Dagan Best is known to clients and colleagues alike as "The Human Ephemeris."  His first graphic novel, URANU.S.A. is currently available in print and electronic formats.  Consultations are available by appointment.


Ayamanatara is a multi-denominational Shaman; a nationally-renowned author, healer, teacher, trance channel, clairvoyant, mystery school initiate, kabbalist, and animal communicator. Her Reiki lineage has been taken to such diverse locations as City Of Hope’s neonatal ICU and the Lakota Nation.  Consultations, classes and healing sessions are available by appointment.


Elysia, The Naughty Faery is a natural clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient, she has an innate ability to shut down and remove negative attachments and guide others in ways to remove both personal and spiritual blocks. Through scent, energy vibration, and good old fashioned psychic cleansing, she channels ribbons of the elements around you to help weave a bridge to connect you to your own Higher, Greater, Self.  Consultations are available by appointment.


Gianna Cicchelli is a Los Angeles based teacher, consultant and practitioner of Shamanic Healing.  My experience with her, particularly in the experience of soul-retrieval, has been exceedingly positive and empowering.  Sessions are available by appointment.


Kellie Smith is a Hypnotherapist, Healer and Yoga Teacher. She currently holds private yoga, healing and hypnosis sessions throughout Los Angeles.


Austin Coppock is a Los Angeles based astrologer, writer and teacher.  He currently serves as the president of the Association for Young Astrologers and publishes the popular yearly Astrological Almanac.  Consultations are available by appointment.