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Amazon Queen

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one of a kind

The Divine Feminine radiates courage, compassion, and true self-confidence. She bestows her blessings upon those who choose to meet adversity with integrity and grace.

Amazonite is cooling, soothing and imparts a sense of tranquility. It dispels social anxiety and helps you to feel receptive and at ease with people. Vivid emerald is sacred to Venus in Western Esoteric traditions. It vibrates with divine benevolence and beauty. It nourishes the heart chakra, attracts love, enhances beauty, and encourages gratitude.

Amazon Queen is handcrafted and charged as Venus enters Aries, where the Celestial Lady is crowned with strength, vitality, and motivation.

Wear these talismans to invoke the Warrior Spirit and illuminate your inner strength. They inspire a sense of personal authority that deflects intimidation and dissolves timidity.

Sterling silver french wire earrings

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