Autumn Part I - 2023 Discovery Set – Nui Cobalt Designs
Autumn Part I - 2023 Discovery Set

Autumn Part I - 2023 Discovery Set

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A sample set of our ten Autumn Part I scents, excluding Himalayan Cat:

~ Long Shadows ~
A dark, tranquil blend for winding down and getting cozy.
Crunchy leaves, rich maple wood, crabapples, clove, dry basil, ecru cashmere, and warm rain.
Wear to dissolve day-to-day tension and alleviate stress.

~ Favorite Jacket ~
A rakish aroma for daring adventures.
Vintage brown leather, copal smoke, toasted cardamom, sepia musk,and dry blonde cedarwood.
Wear to ignite valor, fortitude, and fierce determination.

~ Bronze Oak ~
A brisk air of Autumn’s imminent return
Garden sage, dried persimmon, antique amber, moss-covered oak, woodland musk, and dragon’s blood resin.
Wear for stability, support, and guidance through life’s pivotal transitions.

~ September Spidersilk ~
A harvest time variation on our beloved Starlight & Spidersilk.
Slender strands of cotton flower hung with trembling dewdrops, tawny musk, tiny black vanilla beans, toasted almond, warm oatmilk chai, and guaiac wood.
Wear to restore serenity and cultivate peaceful contentment.

~ Cornucopia ~
A bounty of autumnal riches.
Hand-woven baskets of golden straw brimming with blackcurrant, Bartlett pear, pistachio, toasted corn, and spiced sweet potato.
Wear to invoke the spirits of Prosperity and receive their earthly blessings.

~ Savor the Rain ~
A restorative scent to awaken the senses.
Petrichor and fallen leaves.
Anoint your pulse points for immediate clarity, focus, and rejuvenation.

~ Recess ~
A spirited blend for humor and playfulness.
Dewy clover, sun-warmed cedarwood chips, sticky pine sap, mud, and metal.
Wear to ignite your spirit of fun and frivolity.

~ Chess Club ~
A lovely fougère accented with pale amber, cedar resin, slate, vintage grey tweed, styrax and suede.
Wear to improve concentration and strategic thinking.

~ Playing Hooky ~
An unruly philtre to thwart any would-be authoritarian.
Bright cardamom, nutmeg, and ginger crown a languid infusion of sweet pipe tobacco, black fig, Hawaiian sandalwood, and a whisper of wild violet.
Wear for protection while engaging in nefarious acts.

~ Canoodling in the Library ~
Romance meets Dark Academia.
Brittle pages bound in leather, tall mahogany shelves, blushing leaves fallen upon ancient stone stairs, amber resin, warm skin musk, and vetiver.
Wear to inspire witty flirtation and amorous repartee.

Set of 1 ml sample vials

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