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Autumn Part II  '21 - Sample Set

Autumn Part II '21 - Sample Set

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A sample set of our seven new Autumn Part II: Halloween 2021 scents:

  • ~ Bats in the Belfry ~
    Fuzzy brown fur accord on soft golden hay that’s been infused with decades of frankincense and myrrh, guaiac wood, oudh, copal resin, and amber musk. Wear for comfort and restored sanity when the world is driving you mad.
  • ~ Forbidden Library ~
    A spooky rendition of our beloved Bibliophilia. The vanillic scent of aging paper infused with ceremonial incense, venerable bookshelves of black oak and sweet himalayan cedarwood, a hint of mossy stone, and an undercurrent of faded suede. Wear this subtle potion to invoke spirits of arcane knowledge and empower your psychic perceptions.
  • ~ Cursed Jewels ~
    Precious garnet cabochons enthroned in a golden necklace and enchanted to ward off would-be plunderers. Red plums, dragon’s blood, pomegranate, black fig, sweet walnut, frankincense and myrrh, sparkling ginger, and Moroccan musk. Wear for fierce protection against malefactors, fiends, and ne’er-do-wells.
  • ~ Mad Scientist ~
    A shape-shifting Jekyll and Hyde of a scent. It begins with acid green top notes of Mexican and Persian limes spiked with piquant cardamom. Then a total transformation occurs, revealing blackest vanilla and smooth salted caramel. Wear this potion in times of rapid transition and whenever you need to invoke your inner monster.
  • ~ Torchlit Dungeon ~
    A subterranean lair of shadows and secrets. Cool, mossy stone, ancient oak casks, black soil, and gentle copal smoke. Wear to conceal yourself in the veils and mists of magic. It allows one’s actions to pass unseen by prying eyes.
  • ~ Vengeful Spirit ~
    A screeching spectre of diaphanous cotton flower, cardamom, cashmere, bitter almond, storm-washed teak, and white sandalwood. Wear to invoke the fury of the Unseen to exact swift justice upon the guilty.
  • ~ Kiss of Death ~
    A lascivious potion of black cherry, dark chocolate, Ceylon cinnamon, pomegranate, patchouli, wine-soaked fig, and feral musk. Wear to incite arousal and encourage intimacy. * Please note: this perfume contains cinnamon, and should be avoided by those with cinnamon sensitivities.

Set of 1 ml sample vials

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