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Beltane Garland

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one of a kind

We welcome the summer with hawthorn blossoms and circle dances. The dew that adorns the morning flowers is gathered to preserve youth and beauty. A wealth of color and fragrance rides the warming winds.

Peridot clears away emotional fatigue, self doubt, or cynicism that may inhibit the flow of joy. It supports a light heart, an open mind, and fluid grace. Pink opal stabilizes and amplifies inherent psychic talents. It facilitates magical manifestation and greatly assists in shamanic work. Morganite is supremely soothing to the emotions. It facilitates the painless release of grief to make way for newfound joy. It dissolves resentment, banishes cynicism and alleviates anxiety. Rose quartz is the classic choice for emotional healing and unconditional love. It encourages self-care and assists in maintaining a warm, receptive demeanor.

Beltane Garland is handcrafted and charged on the First of May, the Pagan festival of Beltane. The unrestrained enjoyment of earthly pleasures is a hallmark of this celebration.

Wear this talisman to lift your spirits, lighten the mood, and release your inner radiance. It enhances humor, natural charisma, and personal magnetism. It is particularly supportive when initiating new friendships or flirtations.

Sterling Silver bracelet, adjustable from 6.5" to 7.5"

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