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Amid tender snowdrops and shifting winds the White Goddess restores the light to the land. Our shuttered homes are opened and warmed, receiving the grace of The Lady. The quickening earth, the strengthening sun, herald the coming of spring.

The pearl is an allegory of loving kindness. The oyster detects an irritant: a tiny, jagged shard that wanders in and creates disruption. A precious jewel emerges from simply being received, kept safe and accepted. Rose gold vibrates at the frequency of peaceful contentment, attracting kindness and warding off negativity.

Brìghde is handcrafted and charged at Imbolc, the feast of Saint Bridget and the sabbath of springtime's return. This day abounds with raw vitality and warmth, shaking off the winter's stagnation and invoking new life.

Wear this talisman for vitality, optimism, and energy. It helps to replenish the mind, body, and spirit after long bouts of illness or injury. It is also most supportive in recovering from grief and depression.

Rose gold-filled necklace

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