Cobalt Blue Bath Spell – Nui Cobalt Designs
Cobalt Blue Bath Spell - Nui Cobalt Designs

Cobalt Blue Bath Spell

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This Bath Spell is a healthier variation on the traditional New Orleans conjure bath. Practitioners have used copper sulfate, bluing balls, or detergent squares like Reckitt's Crown Blue, to achieve the appropriate color for ritual purification. We've been developing a vivid, plant-based blue over the course of the past year, using home-grown butterfly pea flowers, cornflower, and red cabbage. The bath spell draws good luck, attracts helpful spirits, and offers powerful protection.

Ingredients: Kosher sea salt, Epsom salt, red cabbage extract, organic cornflower, home grown butterfly pea flower, organic lavender, sodium bicarbonate, essential oil blend

4 oz

Do not use on broken or abraded skin. Discontinue use if irritation occurs.

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