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Clara's Courage Bracelet

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One of a kind

Swords clashed and cannons boomed as the battle raged under the giant fir tree. The Rat King's army overwhelmed the Nutcracker, drove him into a corner and finally disarmed him. Seven chattering heads roared with laughter. They twitched their whiskers and flashed their eyes as they reared back for the final blow, when a tiny satin slipper pelted the Rat King with a thwack! He turned on his heel to find Clara charging him, her one remaining shoe brandished high, her face flushed with tearful rage. He sneered at the impudent child, and did not see the Nutcracker retrieve his sword. In one swift stroke he drove it into the Rat King's side. A flash of light, a puff of smoke, and all the rats had vanished with their monarch. Clara reached for her Nutcracker, but where his broad jaw and wooden teeth had been, there was a soft cheek, a warm smile beneath kind, shining eyes. The curse was lifted. The prince was free.

Tiger eye assists in identifying opportunities and remaining focused through the process of their fulfillment. It also wards off theft and dishonorable dealings. Hessonite garnet dissolves fear of success and instills a sense of self-worth. It allows you to see that you are fully deserving of all of life's sweetness.

Clara's Courage is handcrafted from stones charged on the sacred night of Samhain/Hallowe'en. It is a time to face our fears and even celebrate them, bringing light and laughter into the gathering darkness of the year. It is a time to honor Death and acknowledge our mortality, not as an enemy, but as that which defines Life and renders it precious.

Wear this talisman to bolster your courage, to fan the flames of your own bright valor, so that you may charge undaunted into any challenge. It is particularly helpful when you're in the presence of intimidating people. It's excellent for diffusing tension and banishing anxiety.

Gold-filled bracelet adjustable from 8.5" to 9.5"

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