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Elemental Talisman: Air

  • 19000

series of 4

Turquoise is a sacred stone of friendship and equality. It vibrates at the frequency of mutual respect, open communication, and the ardent pursuit of understanding. It opens the path between the heart and throat chakras, allowing emotion and intellect to work together. Amazonite is pacifying, soothing and imparts a deep sense of tranquility. It dispels social anxiety and helps you to feel at ease with all people. Aquamarine brings pure energy to the throat chakra, supporting strong psychic transmission and clear articulation.

The Air Talisman is handcrafted and charged while the moon is waxing in Libra. This Air sign channels swift intelligence and keen insight, inspiring eloquence, diplomacy, and innovation.

Wear this talisman to support mental clarity and effective communication. It provides an open channel for mutual understanding and facilitates mutually beneficial agreements.

Sterling silver necklace, adjustable from 19" to 20"

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