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Fae '21 - Sample Set

Fae '21 - Sample Set

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A sample set of our seven new Fae 2021 scents:

  • ~ Xana ~
    A generous water fairy of Asturian folklore, she keeps a cache of gold beneath a subterranean stream and will occasionally choose a human to bless with treasure. Alpine toadflax, meadowsweet, musk mallow, white grapes, sparkling pear cider, blooming walnut trees, and a handful of wild blueberries. Wear to attract all manner of wealth and happy surprises.
  • ~ Bakeneko ~
    The shapeshifter cat of Japan whose appetite for human blood belies a protective love of their guardians. When their keeper meets a wrongful death, tales describe the Bakeneko’s sophisticated venture of intrigue and revenge. Spiced plum wine, molten caramel, blood orange marmalade, crimson musk, and warm fur accord. Wear for fierce protection and loyalty.
  • ~ Gryphon ~
    An ancient, abiding symbol of courage and nobility across many cultures, this chimera has the head and wings of an eagle with the body of a lion. Top notes of fresh ginger, hinoki, and white grapefruit, a glowing heart of sandalwood incense, saffron, and hay, with a base of bronze musk, sun-warmed suede, and rich benzoin. Wear to invoke the indomitable spirit of honor, strength, and integrity.
  • ~ Wyvern ~
    This winge’d viper of Western Europe has two arms ending in razor sharp talons and is said to be extremely venomous. Such ferocity remains legendary to this day and its image is still emblazoned across countless flags and crests. Five smoldering spices: pimento, clove, ginger, coriander, and cardamom, a strong cup of Earl Grey tea, heavy on the bergamot, damp mahogany moss, viridian musk, and leathery green scales. Wear when you need to call forth your fighting spirit.
  • ~ Kodama ~
    Forest spirits of Japan who protect the trees and curse those foolish enough to cut them down. Legend has it that an echo heard in the deepest woods is in fact the voice of Kodama. Rolling expanses of bright, pillowy moss, slender evergreen limbs, the sweet decay of fallen wood, deer musk accord, and a small offering dish of honeyed peaches. Wear for gentle shielding and calm comfort.
  • ~ Merfolk ~
    Their stories range across cultures and over centuries from lovelorn beauties to treacherous fiends. They may sing a sailor into madness or rescue a mortal from drowning. This perfume portrait attempts to capture the Merfolk, unbothered by humans, in a peaceful moment off the Mediterranean coast at sunset. The mineral scent of sand, salt, and shells upon the mist, ambergris accord, turquoise musk, warm orris, olive trees, and neroli. Wear to release tension and dissolve stress.
  • ~ Djinni ~
    Tales abound throughout Middle Eastern history of powerful spirits who may assist in workings of great magic. They may also cast dire curses upon their foes. It is wise to pay homage and show respect to the Djinni. This scent sets a grand table of offerings: honeyed almonds, rosewater, Sukkari dates, and a smoldering Bakhour composed of frankincense, myrrh, and oudh. Wear to call upon helpful spirits (and appease the unhelpful ones) when you’re taking on ambitious tasks.

Set of 1 ml sample vials

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