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Spellcrafter's Sample Set

Spellcrafter's Sample Set

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A sample collection of our most popular blends for magickal work:

  • Clarity: A fresh, bracing blend to wake you up, clear confusion, and banish brain fog. Fresh cut rosemary leaves mingle with bright orange zest, smoothed by a touch of sweet amber. This is the scent that graced our popular Smartypants soy candle and incense.
  • Druid: An attuning blend to bring energies into harmonious balance with Nature and All that Is. Ancient woods, verdant mosses, river stones, smoldering firewood and dragon's blood.
  • Dragonfly: Use in preparation for ritual and to amplify spellcraft. Notes of key lime, vanilla, white tea, and moss.
  • Road Opener: This time-honored classic is renowned for its power to clear away obstructions and banish energy blocks. It illuminates the path to success in all areas. Scent notes of warm lemon tarts with the subtle freshness of magickal herbs and a smooth base of sweet frankincense.
  • Uncrossing: Banish the bad vibes with this time-honored Conjure blend for cleansing and purification. Blue vervain, white sage, and pungent bay leaves woven into a delicate bouquet of young lavender and fresh, dewy rose.

1 ml sample vials

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