Intimacy Mini Candle – Nui Cobalt Designs
Intimacy Mini Candle - Nui Cobalt Designs

Intimacy Mini Candle

  • 400

This ardent candle grants the courage to open hearts and bare souls. It conjures an atmosphere of pure tenderness and heartfelt honesty to carry relationships to their next level. Under its influence, love deepens, passion rises, and trust flows in sweet abundance.

Our Intimacy Enchanted Candle is handcrafted and charged as Mars in Scorpio trines Neptune in Pisces, smoothing the edges between primal desire and enlightened compassion. Their connection allows us to be vulnerable, receptive, comfortable, and authentic with those we love.

This is the 2" mini version of our Intimacy enchanted candle. As with all handmade natural beeswax candles, they may have slight variations in size.

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