Lammas Ritual Incense – Nui Cobalt Designs
Lammas Ritual Incense - Nui Cobalt Designs

Lammas Ritual Incense

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In the golden days of high summer, we celebrate the Feast of the First Fruits. Loaves of bread and flagons of mead adorn the Lady's altar, in thanks for the abundant harvest.

Cinnamon warms and welcomes with its uniquely sweet spice, attracting both prosperity and passion. Golden petals of calendula heal and harmonize the spirit. It is at once uplifting and empowering. Yarrow soothes and strengthens, bringing peace and satiety. Frankincense invokes celestial powers to confer abundant blessings upon the petitioner.

Lammas Ritual Incense is handcrafted and charged upon the sun's entry into its domicile of Leo. Here, Sol illuminates the core of identity from which emerges our purest, most authentic forms of expression.

Use this incense to celebrate the Earth's generosity and to carry your wishes out into the Universe. It creates an atmosphere of health and happiness to warm the heart well into winter.


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