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Success is driven by a synergy of passion and precision. When ignited from within by ardent desire and guided by well-honed intellect, there's nothing that can't be achieved.

Natural citrine spheres sparkle with confidence and clarity. It is an uplifting, energizing stone. It recharges the solar plexus chakra and accesses the whole of one’s truth. Fluorite, in translucent shades of green, is an excellent conduit for cerebral energy. It organizes data and assists in drawing accurate conclusions while maintaining objectivity. Psychic and intuitive impressions are brought into crystal clear expression under its influence.

Lucid is handcrafted and charged under the auspices of the waxing moon in Virgo sextile to both Mars and Mercury in Cancer. She helps us to organize, and channel emotional force into thoughtful, decisive action.

Wear this talisman to maintain a calm demeanor and a level head in all situations. It is excellent at deflecting antagonism and negativity. It also supports steady, consistent energy levels and helps to avoid procrastination.

7" Sterling silver bracelet

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