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Series of 2

This talisman is named for the magical chain mail that guards against all harm. Diaphanous as the finest silk, yet mightier than steel, this legendary Elven armor is valued most highly and said to be virtually impenetrable.

Freshwater pearls in shades of spring green, apricot, and ivory are suspended on a sterling silver chain. Their energy is vigilant, protective, and watchful. They provide a loving shield against any malefaction or misfortune.

Mithril is handcrafted and charged under the auspices of the moon's conjunction to Mars in Aries. Their union merges nurturing lunar forces with martial strength to invoke the most powerful guardianship.

Wear this talisman to ward against anything from mundane, day-to-day negativity to serious ill intent. It casts a very subtle, yet potent, shield. Positive energy and well-intentioned people are welcomed, while negativity and enmity are instantly repelled.

7.25" Sterling Silver bracelet

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