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Molten Honey

  • 25500

One of a kind

La dolce vita, the sensual luxuries that fill our days with pleasure. This talisman attracts health, wealth, love and the freedom to fully enjoy them all.

Hessonite garnet dissolves fear of success and instills a sense of self-worth. It fosters confidence and allows you to see that you are deserving of all of life's sweetness. Carnelian smolders with vigor and strength. It reinforces joy and aligns the physical and emotional bodies for sustained well-being.

Molten Honey is handcrafted and charged as Venus enters Leo. Here, the celestial Lady is aglow in her most glamorous vestments. She grants us boldness, creativity, laughter, and honesty. She sees to it that we never sell ourselves short.

Wear this talisman to present yourself in your most flattering light. Whether you are among friends, colleagues, strangers, or lovers, you will bring out their most generous and benevolent spirit.

19" Sterling silver necklace

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