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New Orleans Classics - Discovery Set

New Orleans Classics - Discovery Set

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A sample set of our five New Orleans Classic scents:

~ Protection ~
Sharp and brisk, the subtle scent of vigilant spirits watching over you. White clove, alpine air, and the subtle memory of lavender. 

~ Money ~
A blend for bountiful blessings of earthly wealth. Generous helpings of offertory spices, baked into sweet cakes and served with good ale. 

~ Road Opener ~
This time-honored classic is renowned for its power to clear away obstructions and banish energy blocks. It illuminates the path to success in all areas. Scent notes of warm lemon tarts with the subtle freshness of green herbs and a base of smooth frankincense.

~ Saint Expedite ~
An invocation oil to the powerful spirit of urgent matters and swift intercession. Saint Expedite is famous for taking on difficult cases and producing rapid results. Freshly baked pound cake, sacramental wine, cathedral frankincense, beeswax votives, and a scarlet bouquet of carnations, roses, and Asiatic lilies. Anoint red or white candles to call upon him in times of need. Wear as a comforting reminder that your wishes are moving quickly toward fulfillment.

~ Black Cat 2022 ~
A traditional folk magic blend for fast luck and abundant blessings.
Darkly sweet pipe tobacco, blackcurrant, and chai spices amid the swirling smoke of sacred nag champa and myrrh. Wear this dusky potion to invoke protection and great fortune.

Set of 1 ml sample vials

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