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Rosy desert rocks reach toward an electric sky, sunlit spires hewn by countless centuries of wind and water moving. Content to linger, the ancestors walk among them, still enchanted by this corner of the Earth, its boldness and its wild, unashamed beauty.

Blue topaz is renowned as a powerful “curse breaker,” banishing negativity and shielding the bearer from enchantment or deceit. Rhodochrosite facilitates deep heart healing and restores a sense of humor. It allows you to clearly see which matters are important, and which are not. Aquamarine sustains the energy flow between the heart and throat chakras. It shields against emotional discord while maintaining openness and optimism.

Sedona is handcrafted and charged as the sun enters Pisces, where we experience the world through our hearts instead of through our heads. In the realm of the Fish, Sol illuminates the dissolution of barriers. He lights a path to a state of consciousness that is independent of logic or categorization, moving us closer to unity.

Wear this talisman for emotional healing and to invoke sustained, unconditional joy. It lifts the spirits, brightens perspective, fosters gratitude, and banishes sorrow. It is particularly supportive in the process of recovering from loss, replenishing the heart with pure light and peace.

Sterling silver French wire earrings

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