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Sexy - Discovery Set

Sexy - Discovery Set

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A sample set of our four Sexy scents:

~ Sultry ~
A time-honored conjure blend, famous for its power to attract passionate love as well as abundant wealth. Two dark, lascivious vanillas swirled with dragon's blood, heavy velvet musk and the secrets of an old rootworker's conjure cabinet. 

~ Seduction ~
A boldly sensual blend for enticement and attraction. Opulent flowers, piquant cloves, warm scarlet musk and conjure roots tangled in a potion of simmering vanilla.

~ Silver Fox ~
An elegant blend for charm, poise and decorum.
White tea with honey and rice milk, almond macaron, soft grey cashmere and cool woodland musk. Wear when you must put your best foot forward and make a positive impression.

~ Charisma Bonus ~
A seriously sexy fragrance to ensnare the objects of your desire. Spiced black patchouli languishing in vanilla honey with scattered ylang petals and catnip leaves. Wear this potion to make an excellent first impression, to capture the attention of influential people, or to inspire passion during amorous encounters.

Set of 1 ml sample vials

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