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Warrior of Nordic legend, heroic of heart and keen of eye, the Shieldmaiden stands resolute against all enemies. As fierce as the northern sea and impervious to fear, her battle cry is a song of indomitable courage.

An iridescent disc of steel-grey seashell captures the potency of the moon and brings its primal force into the service of its bearer. Hematite clears the energies of the physical body and draws out impurities. It allays fatigue and maintains a steady current of strength. Moonstone, in shades of pale grey and pure white, enhance one’s natural powers of intuition, forging a direct connection between primal instinct and refined intelligence.

Shieldmaiden is handcrafted and charged as the exalted Taurean moon trines Venus in Capricorn. Their synergy invokes steadfastness and determination, rooted in passionate commitment. 

Wear this talisman for fearlessness and fortitude in every endeavor. It steers you, undaunted, through any challenge and fortifies your resolve. It is particularly supportive in times of self-doubt or intimidation, revitalizing your spirit and restoring your confidence.

Sterling silver bracelet

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