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Sun Shower

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Glistening from the coiled young leaves that aspire toward the light, the gentle rain bejewels her slender branches, then shatters in the grass. Clouds like veils flutter aside to reveal a golden warmth. And stars descend from a crystalline sky as a thousand gentle kisses.

Blue chalcedony is soothing and supportive of the throat chakra, allowing truth to come easily into consciousness as well as into speech. It increases the flow of intuition to align with logic. Blue sapphire cleanses atmospheric energies and supports intuition. In Vedic Astrology, this stone is sacred to Saturn who presides over beginnings, endings and manifested reality. Prehnite evokes feelings of tranquility and peace, reminding its bearer that all is truly well. It brings balance to relationships to ensure that they are respectful and mutually beneficial. Citrine sparkles with confidence and clarity. It is an uplifting stone that ignites the solar plexus chakra and accesses the whole of one’s truth. Aquamarine sustains the energy flow between the heart and throat chakras. It shields against emotional discord while maintaining openness and optimism.

Sun Shower is handcrafted and charged as Venus conjoins Saturn in Sagittarius, merging honesty and integrity with love and affection. Their union is powerfully supportive of cultivating intimacy and deepening commitment.

Wear this talisman for relief from long-standing tensions, and to resolve interpersonal issues. It grants cool confidence, allowing you to speak more freely and openly in emotionally charged situations. It provides a sustained sense of calm and clarity that facilitates true understanding and encourages compassionate listening. It's an excellent source of support when engaging in any challenging conversation, especially those with loved ones.

sterling silver necklace, adjustable from 18" to 19.25"

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