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Sun Showers

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Sunlight on tender leaves, glistening with rain. Trembling drops suspended from slender, green branches shine like jewels in the clear light of dawn. Everything is new and fresh. Everything is possible.

Citrine shines with confidence and clarity, lifting the spirit and restoring vitality. It empowers the solar plexus chakra to nurture self-esteem and allow authentic expression. It is one of the few healing stones that retains no negativity, and never needs to be cleared. Peridot heals the heart chakra, bringing balance to the emotions. It banishes fatigue, self-doubt, and cynicism to allow for the free flow of joy.

Sun Showers are handcrafted and charged under the auspices of Mercury in Gemini sextile to Venus in Leo. Their powerful connection is supported by a trine to the Aries moon. They form a circuit of positive, restorative energy that alleviates heavy sadness and instills healthy optimism.

Wear these talismans for emotional support through both day-to-day challenges and serious struggles. They help to maintain perspective, dispel frustration, and relieve energetic stagnation. They are an excellent complement to the Clean Energy Meditation.

Sterling silver french wire earrings

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