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Brightening days coax life from the thawing soil and melt away winter's malaise. Fresh energy infuses the air with optimism. We're re-inspired in our pursuit of happiness.

Citrine briolettes sparkle with confidence and clarity. It is an uplifting stone that accesses the whole of one’s truth, aligning fact with perspective for authentic self-expression. Sapphire, in hues of tangerine and sunlight, nurtures the indomitable spirit. It elevates the mood and restores faith. In Vedic Astrology, this stone is sacred to Jupiter, the Greater Benefic and patron of magnanimity.

These talismans are handcrafted and charged as the waxing moon, exalted in Taurus, trines Jupiter in Virgo. Their gentle connection invokes joy, gratitude, and indomitable hope.

Gold-filled french wire earrings

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