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The Drow Queen

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This talisman is named for the fierce protectress, formidable matriarch and the sovereign ruler of the subterranean Dark Elves. Her authority is absolute and her passions are dangerous. Unwise is the malefactor wishes harm to anyone under her protection.

Black jasper shields against curses or psychic attacks and reveals their origins. It strengthens its bearer physically as well as mentally to repel negative intent. Ruby exudes primal force to ignite the sacral chakra, strengthens the will and sharpens the instincts. In Vedic astrology, this stone is sacred to the sun as it awakens its bearer’s natural assertion and authentic self-expression. It calls upon one’s deepest source of power to banish all timidity, reticence and malaise. Garnet is a stone of manifestation. It reinforces conviction and moves material reality into alignment with one’s desire. At once grounding and stimulating, it empowers the root chakra and raises kundalini energy. Hematite clears the energies of the physical body and draws out impurities. It allays fatigue and maintains a steady current of strength.

The Drow Queen is handcrafted and charged under the auspices of Venus trine to Jupiter in Leo and conjunct Uranus in Aries. The power of this celestial encounter is that of a benevolent but mighty guardian.

Wear this talisman to ward of negativity, to dispel fear and banish feelings intimidation. If you find yourself the target of magical misconduct, it offers staunch protection and delivers swift justice.

18" Sterling Silver necklace

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