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The Fairy of the Crystal Fountain

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Series of 2

The first fairy blessed the young princess with eloquence and candor, that her voice would be tender, and that truth would be ever present upon her lips.

Blue chalcedony soothes and opens the throat chakra. It sustains the flow of psychic energy in balance with the intellect. Blue kyanite is one of the few healing stones that never needs cleansing, as it moves energy swiftly and cleanly to maintain its own energy as well as that of other stones. It facilitates meditation, concentration, and wisdom. Blue sapphire supports the cultivation of honesty and trust. In Vedic Astrology, this stone is sacred to Saturn who presides over beginnings, endings and materially manifested reality.

The Fairy of the Crystal Fountain is handcrafted and charged as the Virgo moon sextiles the sun in Cancer and retrograde Saturn in Scorpio as the latter two trine one another. This celestial circuit penetrates layers of emotion from the most superficial to the deepest and most definitive.

Wear this talisman for support during important conversations, to ensure that all parties communicate with openness and honesty. It provides particular assistance in the process of reconciliation and emotional reconnection.

16.5" Sterling silver necklace

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