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The Holly and the Ivy 2015

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one of a kind

This talisman sings with the jubilance of a starry night in Midwinter. Even as the days grow cold and dark, a brightness emerges within. That ancient sense of connection, that bond of shared humanity, is palpable.

Vivid emerald vibrates with benevolence and beauty. It nourishes the heart chakra and encourages gratitude. Ruby exudes primal force to ignite the sacral chakra, strengthen the will and sharpen the instincts. It awakens natural assertion and the power of authentic self-expression.

The Holly and the Ivy is handcrafted and charged while Venus and Mars are in Mutual Reception. As they transit each other's home signs - Scorpio and Libra, respectively - they exchange empowerment and amplify the energies of unity, equality, intimacy, and trust.

Wear to lift the spirits, encourage affection and banish sorrow. It is particularly effective when you must put your best foot forward in social situations, or nurture relationships so that they can move toward their next level.

Sterling silver bracelet, adjustable from 6.75" to 7.5"

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