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The Painted Desert

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The lurid landscape in twilight glows with silent wisdom. The cactus flowers open themselves unabashedly to the moon as she blushes. The stars don't wait for darkness; but pierce the turquoise sky and laugh with the shifting, glistening sands beneath them.

Turquoise is an excellent attunement stone, bringing physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual vibrations into harmony and balance. It supports healers of all modalities, practitioners of magic, and psychic counsellors. Strawberry quartz is a man-made glass that strengthens the mind-body-spirit-heart connection. It integrates all forms of vital energy and affects powerful holistic healing. Aquamarine emits pure, unconditional love. It improves communication, inspiring honesty and eloquence. It ensures that each participant is heard, acknowledged and respected. Pale orange chalcedony holds a strong connection between the naval and root chakras. It increases physical energy and vitality, fostering stamina. Rhodochrosite facilitates deep heart healing and restores a sense of humor. It allows you to clearly see which matters are important, and which are not.

The Painted Desert is handcrafted and charged as Mars in Scorpio trines Chiron in Pisces. Their mutually supportive connection eases emotional healing and restores joie de vivre. They make way for improved vigor, endurance, and enthusiasm.

Wear this talisman when you need to feel bold, confident, optimistic and energized. It conjures a cheerful atmosphere and a friendly demeanor in yourself and in those around you.

Sterling silver necklace

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