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The Vineyard

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One of a kind

The fruit of our labour, the bountiful reward for careful, consistent, and attentive effort, is perfectly symbolized in the jewel-bright clusters of grapes on the vine. Here we see the magic of manifestation: the transmutation of thought into material reality.

Fluorite, in translucent shades of violet and green, is an excellent conduit for cerebral energy. It organizes data and assists in drawing accurate conclusions while maintaining objectivity. Psychic and intuitive impressions are brought into crystal clear expression under its influence.

The Vineyard is handcrafted and charged as the Taurean moon sextiles Neptune in Pisces. This transit empowers creative visualization in service of practical success.

Wear this talisman for support on long-term projects, to ensure that results remain true to your vision. It is also quite helpful in acquiring generous compensation for your work.

19" Sterling silver necklace

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