Veritas Enchanted Candle – Nui Cobalt Designs
Veritas Enchanted Candle - Nui Cobalt Designs

Veritas Enchanted Candle

  • 950

This candle shines the light of truth into the darkest corners. It banishes mendacity and dissolves delusion when you need to get right to the facts. It exposes liars, con artists, frauds, and fakers, revealing their falsehoods as well as their motives. With conscious direction, it may also be used to penetrate the layers of one's own convoluted consciousness whenever it is plagued by doubt. It aligns intellect, intuition, and instinct for a complete picture of one's own inner truth.

Veritas is handcrafted and charged as the moon conjoins Mercury in Gemini. Their union improves our powers of perception and guards against deception.

This is the 8" version of our Veritas enchanted candle. As with all handmade natural beeswax candles, they may have slight variations in size.

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