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Winter's Embers

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Radiant against the silver-white snow, like sunset captured in the glowing coals. We warm our hands and open our hearts even in the coldest night. We huddle close by the tribal fire and seed the coming year with hope and laughter.

Hessonite garnet glistens in honeyed hues from pale blonde to deep amber. This smouldering stone dissolves fear of success and instills a strong sense of self-worth. It fosters confidence and allows you to see that you are deserving of all of life's sweetness.

Winter's Embers is handcrafted and charged as the Sagittarian sun sextiles Mars in Libra, uniting the force of will with the spirit of unity and indomitable trust.

Wear this talisman to restore faith, banish pessimism and help alleviate anxiety. It replenishes motivation and re-ignites enthusiasm for the things you love. It is particularly helpful in recovery from disappointment, discouragement, and emotional fatigue.

Sterling silver bracelet, adjustable from 7" to 7.75"

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