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How to Make Your Own Mojo Bags

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Among the simplest and most effective methods for engaging magickal assistance is to carry a well-prepared mojo bag.  Other names for these charms include nation sack, mojo hand, gris gris, conjure bag and toby.  The practice is most commonly attributed to American Hoodoo and Rootwork, but has also gained much popularity in contemporary New Age and Shamanic circles.  While opinions differ greatly among various traditions as to the "correct" method of construction, here are a couple of ways I've found to create these helpful personal amulets.

Simply select a cloth bag whose color resonates with your intention.  Ready-made pouches are widely available through craft stores and botanicas.  The extensive selection of fabrics and colors makes it easy to find an appropriate match for any magickal intention.  This basic correspondence list may be helpful in getting you started:

Red: passion, protection, martial energy, courage, working with Mars
Orange: vitality, success, endurance, swiftness, working with Mercury
Yellow: creativity, self-expression, joy, charisma, working with the Sun
Green: prosperity, wealth, "luck," employment, working with Venus
Blue: philosophy, wisdom, intellect, eloquence, working with Jupiter
Purple: spirituality, karmic healing, divination, mediumship
Pink: emotional healing, love, friendship, beauty, art, romance
White: soothing, psychological healing, angelic guidance, peace
Grey: mystery, secrets, becoming "invisible," illusion, neutrality
Black: banishing negativity, protection, discipline, working with Saturn
Silver: meditation, yin/goddess energy, receptivity, working with the Moon
Gold: prosperity, yang/god energy, projectivity, working with the Sun

Fill the bag with the corresponding herbs, stones and symbols of your intention.  I urge you to fully indulge in the fascinating research of magickal associations among vegetable, mineral and ethically acquired animal substances.  For now, here is a very brief list of examples:

To attract wealth: cinnamon, bayberry, pyrite, coins, emerald,
To cultivate love: rose, almond, honey, rose quartz, morganite, catnip
For protection: black tourmaline, morning glory, borage, basil, salt
For health: bloodstone, hematite, orange peel, clove, lobelia
For victory: high john the conqueror root, carnelian, nasturtium

Of course, hands-on personal involvement enhances any sort of ritual working, so I also encourage you to try hand-sewing your own bags.  It's very easy and takes surprisingly little time.  I made the green and blue mojo bags pictured in this article out of simple broad ribbon and metallic cord.

Here's how:

Step 1) Measure and cut a length of ribbon about 3 times as long as it is wide.  For example, 9" long for the 3" wide ribbon, or 6" long for the 2" wide ribbon.

Step 2) Fold the ribbon in half with the faces inward.  Carefully align the ends and edges.

Step 3) Sew each of the sides to form a pocket, leaving the last 1.25" unsewn.  Also leave the top unsewn as this will be the opening of your bag.

Step 4) Turn your bag inside-out so that the stitches are hidden on the inside and the face of the ribbon is now on the outside.  Fold the unsewn flaps down and outward.

Step 5) Carefully make 3 or 4 small cuts along the fold.

Step 6) Thread a drawstring through these small incisions all the way around the neck of your bag.

Step 7) Fill your bag with the appropriate stones, herbs, coins, symbols and substances that support your endeavor.  For example, this blue and silver mojo bag is created to promote wisdom and intuition.  It will include (among other items) rosemary to enhance cerebral power, moonstone to engage instinctive awareness and a found white feather to connect with ancestral guidance.

Step 8) Tie the drawstring tightly around the neck of your bag and secure it with a firm knot so the contents do not spill.

Step 9) Finally, "feed" your mojo bag to awaken and empower it.  This may be done by passing it through the smoke of an appropriate incense or anointing it with a selected ritual oil.  Hold the intention in your mind as you do this.  Let it be a conversation, an agreement between yourself and your creation.

Now your homespun mojo bag is complete.  You may keep it in your pocket, under your pillow or even tucked into your bra.  Allow it to guide you as to its best use.  If you feel comfortable with its location, it's fine where it is.  If not, just try another hiding place.  You'll know when it feels "at home."

Make a point of feeding your mojo bag regularly.  Not unlike a battery, it may run low on power if it doesn't get recharged as necessary.  Use your discretion as to how much feeding is to be done, but a good rule of thumb is once a month at the full moon.

That's all there is to it!  Enjoy the process and may your handcrafted magick serve you well.

- Nui of Nui Cobalt Designs


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