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Past Crone's Crates - Subscription Boxes

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Unboxing the Yule 2016 Crate!


The Crone's Crate - Yule/Winter’s Solstice 2016 (Shipped December 2016)

  • See and shop all items from our Yule 2016 box.
  • Arcana Wildcraft - Yule limited edition scent created exclusively for The Crone’s Crate. Diaphanous layers of pearl musk, sheer musk, white amber, and ivory oudh cover a snowdrift containing the faintest scent memory of gardenia petals, tiny carnation buds, and one frozen drop of sweet mint.
  • Villainess Soaps - Yule limited edition soap. A glistening handcrafted luxury soap created exclusively for The Crone’s Crate to complement the Arcana Wildcraft scent.
  • Jess Świtalska - In the deepest dark and the longest night, it's good to have a guide who can see in the dark! Our elegant celestial cat pendant is handcrafted from original art by Jess Świtalska and includes one pressed petal each of deep blue cornflower and ivory chrysanthemum. Silver plated pendant on suede cord.
  • Nui Cobalt Designs - Exclusive full size version of The Star Enchanted Candle. This sacred spell candle carries the light of hope and the power of renewal. Its energy supports joy and fulfillment in all areas of life, from material prosperity to emotional wellness.
  • Nui Cobalt Designs - Handcrafted Peace Mojo bag. A bounty of enchanted botanicals converge to clear away the dross of the old year and cultivate joyful well-being in the New Year.
  • Honeyrun Farms - Tulip Poplar Honey. A local treasure. The bees have gathered nectar from the Tulip Poplar trees which bloom in the Hocking Hills region in the family's apiaries near Laurelville, Ohio.
  • Honeyrun Farms - Natural Beeswax Pinecone Candle. The clean, natural, sweet aroma of pure beeswax and honey as it is harvested from the Honeyrun family beehives, here in central Ohio.



Our Samhain 2016 box included:

• Samhain exclusive scent created by Arcana Wildcraft
• Samhain handcrafted soap by Villainess Soaps
• Handmade cone incense created by Naughty Faery Creations
• Sun: Fiery or Sun: Bright exclusive tea created by Blackthorn Hoodoo Blends
• NCD full sized Black Moon enchanted candle
• NCD black satin Protection mojo bag
• A real tiny pumpkin
• A natural selenite wand


Order your Crone's Crate subscription box here!

A subscription service for the sophisticated Witch, filled with enchanted supplies and sundries to honor your own unique Magickal practice. We follow the Wheel of the Year and bring you eight artfully curated collections, one for each of the Witches' Sabbats. 

Your Crone's Crate will feature handcrafted talismans, tools, and supplies by Nui Cobalt Designs and our talented partners. Inside, you'll find fabulous items like exclusive spell candles, mojo bags, statuary, stones and crystals, ritual incense, tea, enchanted oils, and more.

Crones Crate Subscription Box from Nui Cobalt Designs

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