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Astrology 101 with Forest Nui Cobalt

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Astrology 101 with Forest Nui Cobalt

An introduction to Astrology that explores how the planets, signs, and houses come together.  
Gain an understanding of the sky's reflection of the personality and how to make the best use of the chart you've got.

What is the deal with Mercury retrogrades?
Why do I keep meeting Capricorns?
Can my chart really tell my future?
I'll give you a clear and concise introduction to Astrology and how incredibly useful it can be. See you Saturday! - Forest Nui Cobalt


Forest Nui Cobalt has worked professionally in the field of Esoteric Science for 17 years and researched various forms of Magick, meditation and philosophy for 28 years. After earning her Master's in Dance, she turned her attention to holistic healing, integrative, medicine and the energetic connection of body, mind, spirit and emotion. This is where she began to see the true diagnostic and remedial potential of Astrology. As a consultant, teacher, practitioner, and small business owner, Forest has kept Astrology at the center of her ongoing practice.

Saturday 2/11/2017 from 1 pm to 3 pm. Cost will be $10. Facebook event page.

The Magical Druid - 3165 N High St, Columbus, Ohio 43202




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