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The Moldavite Spell: A Three-Part Ritual of Transformation

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I have a story for you.

In early 2012, I realized that my life was entirely unsatisfying. I had come to resent my job, my romantic relationship was way beyond toxic and even my once-cute apartment building was being overrun with vermin.  I was cynical, depressed and the life I had built no longer fit the person I'd become.  It was time to dismantle and start over but, I didn't know how to begin.  I was terrified and my fears were very well-founded: there was no plan, no clear vision of a brighter possible future, no target reality for which to aim.  I didn't even know what I wanted.

Utterly at a loss, I took what little money I had and spent a week in New Orleans, alone.  I wandered the Quarter and listened to my feelings.  Out of the context of my usual routine, I became acutely aware of just how dark those feelings were.  A lot of crying happened.

When I got back to LA, I was ready to clear the space and allow the Universe to show me a better way even if I still had no clue what that could be.  I fired off this rather elaborate ritual which, until now, I have only shared with a handful of my closest friends.

Before you try it, if you decide to, consider this: spellcraft is - in my opinion - really an act of changing your own mind.  It usually doesn't make things any easier; often quite the contrary.  It can, however, make things a whole lot better by forcing the practitioner to be honest with him/herself, to align wholeheartedly with a conscious intention and get out of the way of its natural manifestation.  That, after a certain amount of effort, is why it proves worthwhile.

This spell is about letting go, clearing the slate, placing trust in the Universe and becoming receptive to the good things, even those things we don't know we want.  Fair warning: it's mighty effective in bringing about sudden, unexpected and radical life changes and it doesn't worry itself about being gentle.

The Moldavite Spell: A Three-Part Ritual of Transformation

Part 1: Getting "un-stuck."
This step serves to dislodge any energetic and emotional gunk that is clogging up your proverbial pipes.

You will need:

  • 1 Moldavite stone, any size will do.

Moldavite Spell

Lay down comfortably in a silent room where you won't be disturbed for at least 20 minutes.  Place the Moldavite on your upper chest, midway between the heart and throat chakras.  Then bring your full attention to the point of contact between your skin and the stone.  Sustain this focus for several minutes or until you feel intuitively that you're done.  For some, this is effortless.  For others - myself included - this can be rather uncomfortable.  I only lasted for about 7 minutes.  If your experience is more like mine, don't worry.  The stone is moving a great deal of stagnant energy and that can feel unpleasant.

Moldavite is among the more intense healing crystals and its effect is palpable for most people.  Even those who are not usually sensitive to the vibrations of stones can find Moldavite somewhat overwhelming.  It is supportive in the process of deep, inner transformation and can catalyze dramatic life changes in very short order.

Part 2: Releasing control.
This is your declaration to the Universe that you are ready to be free of any and all holding patterns, constricting beliefs or limiting thought-habits that prevent you from receiving joy and the life conditions that nurture it.

You will need:

  • 1 piece of red paper
  • 1 pen with black ink
  • 1 heat-resistant container lined with sand or gravel
  • 1 charcoal disc
  • Matches or a lighter
  • Dried Lemon Verbena
  • Dried Sage
  • Dried Mint

Write in black ink on red paper *your own* version of the statement: "I now release the need to control or dictate what other people feel, how resources manifest or how happiness occurs in my life."  PLEASE make the statement entirely your own and make sure its wording feels right to you.  Then, fold one hair from your own head into the paper, folding away from yourself as many times as you can.  (An eyelash will do as well, if need be.)  Light a charcoal disc in a heat-resistant container lined with sand or gravel.  Place the folded paper upon the hot coal with a pinch each of sage, mint and lemon verbena.  Allow the whole to be reduced entirely to ash.

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Part 3: Opening the vessel of the heart.
This is where you fire up the internal electromagnet that brings the best possible conditions into being for you.

You will need:

  • 1 brown candle
  • Orange Oil
  • Ground Cinnamon
  • Ground Cloves
  • Powdered Frankincense
  • Scrapings from the inside of 1 Vanilla Bean
  • 1 shallow bowl of water
  • Matches or a lighter
  • 1 red and black cloth, about 10-12 square inches
  • 1 black ribbon long enough to bind the cloth
  • Small offerings of candy, tobacco, rum and/or a 2-dollar bill

Dress a brown candle with orange oil, from base to wick.  Roll it in clove, cinnamon, frankincense, and vanilla to lightly coat its vertical surface.  Hold the candle securely in both of your hands and bring your attention to the feelings of enthusiasm, peace, love, support, appreciation, inspiration, trust, respect, confidence, security, freedom and anything else you define as the complete joy you want to experience in your life.  Let these feelings warm you from within and really fill your heart.  Then, stand the candle in a bowl of water and ignite it.  Allow it to burn all the way down if possible while you are present.  If you must leave it unattended, extinguish the flame by smothering, not blowing out, and re-light it when you return.  Once the candle has put itself out, leave it in place, undisturbed for three days.  Finally, lift the remains from the water, wrap them in red and black cloth with an offering of candy, tobacco, rum and/or money.  A two-dollar bill is best.  Bind the whole with black ribbon, bring it to any crossroads, leave it there and walk away.  Don't look back.

Instantly upon completion of this ritual, I felt the sadness and fear dissolve.  They were drowned out by new-found strength, clarity and determination.  Resistance was gone.  I felt propelled toward the creation of a new and fulfilling life that I couldn't see but, I knew for sure was imminent.

Within days of completing the ritual, I finally ended my 6-year dysfunctional relationship.  It wasn't painless by any means.  But, the fundamental rightness of the act was undeniable.  Buoyed by new confidence I was able to assert my position and stick with it.  Later that same night, I happened to see a gentleman with whom I'd only casually crossed paths before.  For the very first time, he struck up a conversation.  From that moment, he initiated an ardent courtship.  One month later, we were engaged to be married.

I gave notice to my negligent building manager and we moved into an adorable house with a garden by the sea.  We even held our wedding reception in our own back yard.

I quit my soul-crushing job and made the flying leap to working independently.  The risk was great but, it proved most fruitful.  My independent business flourished well beyond anything I had dared to hope for.

The whole thing sounds too good to be true when I write it all down like this, but such is the nature of spellcraft. When we exercise the courage to release what isn't working and are unattached to the outcome, we open up to something much better than we ever could have had in mind.

So, if you're out there feeling stuck, I hope this helps.

 - Nui of Nui Cobalt Designs



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