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How to use loose non-combustible incense.

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I got this great question in my inbox, today: "How is the loose powder incense used?"

Fortuna Major, Sol Invictus and Thundering Jove are examples of loose non-combustible incense. They are intended to be smouldered on a charcoal disc as per these instructions:

I would add that it's best to line the container with a layer of sand or gravel to disperse the heat, place your container on a heat resistant surface and make sure that you hold your flame to the charcoal for several seconds to that ensure that it catches.

At home, I use a cheap terra cotta saucer like the kind that go under potted plants and a layer of garden gravel. The charcoals are available at the The Green Man Store or other Magickal retailers.

If you don't want to go through all of that, here's a neat trick I do sometimes when I want to boost my cash flow: Take a tiny pinch of the powder and sprinkle it into your wallet before spending money. The money you spend will attract more money and send it back to you.

Hope this helps!

- Nui

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